Sunday, April 6, 2014

Prady Crush Saga- My two day descent into Sweetness!

As someone who was once addicted to Travian, I should have known better. Good thing that Vietnamese developer of Flappy Bird had issues with instant fame and bought down his game from the Android Play Store, else I could very well have been penning about stupid birds that had a pipe fetish. Think about it- being the developer of an infectious electronic game could be the most rewarding profession on the planet, an almost godlike persona and command over his fellow people.

I digress. Candy Crush Saga hit me hard- Not that I didn’t sink my fingers into the arena of public opinion first. Almost everyone is divided into two camps- ‘Candy Crush is the greatest game ever’ and ‘I can’t believe you play Candy Crush’! A colleague has nightly bouts with these insanely drawn levels of falling goodies, whose combinations, and your ability to draw them that way, defines if you would have a good night’s sleep or not. She recently hit level 100, btw. That’s akin to winning the Nobel Prize for Peace, in my reckoning, whilst you are a diplomat from the Middle East. Another mate from the office uninstalled at level 150- brave move girl. There’s also this colleague at level 77, a friend who’s Facebook updates only pertain to a demand for ‘life’ (kinda ironic isn’t it?), and a good friend’s husband who goes candy crushing while she is busy shopping- a win all situation that. Recently, I saw a professionally attired dude who missed his stop on the bus because his eyes were busy putting the candies into play. He also had his earphones on, and unless he was listening to some mind-numbing trance, the candy crushing got him. This is a damn epidemic people!

The point being- self assured, happy and professionally- personally fulfilled dudes play Candy Crush too. And the infestation is growing. Candy Crush is the most downloaded game on the Android platform, and has taken a million people by the scruff of their necks. I did too- until the concerns about my new Moto G’s battery life, and my own sanity across breaks at work, across sleepless nights wherein I matched wits with a falling set of e-candies, got the better of me. I uninstalled with the joy of a kid, who has seen the Santa Claus on Christmas.

But then, every story has an unplanned exit clause. Clueless, I clicked on the Candy Crush link that flashed across my Facebook profile- now, through insistent notifications on my phone, I’am asked (begged/tortured) to join again in the mania- to go candy crushing again. I would much rather join the witness protection program. 

So the battle of wits continues- victory isn’t assured!!