Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lo, Prady is reanimated again!!

And yet again, I’am back. This time however, the focus is a tad different from my earlier comebacks.

The intermediate days since the last time I did anything on this blog have been good- very good infact. My job is turning out to be exactly how I envisioned it all those years ago- back in the time, when a continuous stream of success and happiness wasn't a concept to be taken lightly. I did bag that ‘best employee of the quarter’ tag recently- boy, I was elated or what!! It meant the world to be recognized and respected for what I did, day-in and day-out. However, the road ahead of me is long and the mountains are just showing up. Thankfully, the Prady of today knows no fear- another day at the job, if you will.

The matters of the heart- confusing, liberating, painful, joyous and infinitely tender. I walk a path that is strewn with challenges, of conflicting emotions with two very special people trying to make sense of it all. The emotions have found an outlet- the long lost desire to frame poetry has now gone berserk at Some of the best works I have created in ages.

Recently, I have seen multiple sides of myself- angry, vindictive and insecure. However, just as I was afraid that the man I had been, was forever lost, he made an inexplicable and dramatic comeback. At the core of all my troubles is fear- and when I refuse to be afraid, I can see the charming magic of creation, of doors opening up where none existed.

And I’am dreaming still…