Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Walker

I walked, pointless and crazed
Digging deep into the moist earth
Understanding not the bigger plan
Fearing not the approaching darkness
All I saw, the last beams of the dying light
Straining, to seem relevant and pure
The silent whispers, mocking and cruel
The Agony, real and endless
The gloom, growing with every minute
Help! I so wish I could scream
Hope, a miracle should be on its way
Wish, that voice in my head died
Often telling me, how dare you survived?  
And yet, nothing happens, zilch, nada
Compassion has colluded with Evil
They watch from afar, distant and aloof
And then I realize, a truth so real
The symphony of me, is my own tune to play
I hope not for your pity, I care not for your love
A day shall arise when the darkness shall fall
The heavens will open, the stars shall shine above
That day, Einstein, I shall be the one to talk…
Today, it’s my destiny to walk.