Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#10- Photoshop & HTML

At the beginning of this year, I did something that I had sworn I would never do again (the first instance was back in 2009) - Create New Year’s Resolutions. Nine of them actually- the list has since bulged to Eleven. One of my favorite points on the list is Resolution 10- ‘Photoshop & HTML’. And boy, have I jumped into this one like a hot knife cutting through butter. What exactly do I mean by ‘Photoshop & HTML’? Simple- Be the most awesome Photoshop designer on the freaking planet.

At work, three of my neighboring workstations are manned by world class designers. My best buddy Deeks is a world class designer. Part of my work profile is to visualize great online concepts. Ya, the professional and personal pull is definitely there and all the lovely things these friends of mine have put forth inspires me to try some myself. The Prady of 2009 could never EVER do this…think up a plan and work towards executing it. The Prady of 2013 thinks Prady of 2009 was a wuss. 

The central idea is to be maniacally committed to the concept- and the enormity or the simplicity of the task is no excuse to quit or relax respectively. Commitment is a strong word for most people- the singular idea of being bound to expectations. This used to freak me out too- before I realized that expectations aren't a bad thing. If someone has reasons to believe you, to attach expectations on you, then understand that you are being trusted. This someone believes that you can be trusted with their emotions- feel humbled, and honored  This is exactly what I feel myself because I have earned my own trust and confidence after spending a long time wandering about in self-doubt.

And thus, Resolution #10 will be ticked off my list in about 3 months’ time. And while I work towards understanding the nuances of this fine little marvel- I’am left wondering about why I took so long to understand such a basic mantra? Maybe some resolutions are better experienced than explained.