Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Sailor hits Land, again!


Penning a blog after a long long time- kya kare? Been busily simmering in the cauldron called life. The pressures of work are many, the time for chilling out awfully limited…and a ‘little’ certain someone hasn’t been meeting me with a regularity that is her trademark. Sigh!

Anyways, I have been enjoying my place as the Content Development/ resident evangelist at Toboc International. Fun place, loaded with the best talent and this salient potential for extreme creativity and functionality. Ask us to build a nuclear bomb and maybe by EOD, we will.

Initially, I began this blog as a reflection of my everyday life- BORING! Maybe I will drastically alter my viewpoint and post most engaging topics. I’am a far better (and accomplished) writer since the last time I was here- the landscape ahead of me seems so promising and succulent. I need to expand my horizons and talk about matters that do matter- ergo, I am gonna unload less gyan, more facts and facets.
The most current project I’ve been part of- . Wow right? I know…