Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chronicles of the Mind

The mind wanders. The dreadful silence of the mind, amidst the chaos and fragility of my life is a thing to be aware of- to be secretly proud of. My mind speaks to me in whispers, intangible murmurs that fade against the wall of ‘wants’ and ‘what-ifs’ that life throws at me at every conceivable moment. Peace- that’s a concept designed for those who don’t know better, the machines and the dead. My mind implores me to walk, to identify the last breath of fresh air, the last stretch of moist earth and savor the bliss that comes from having something that the heart desires but the wheels of commerce don’t consider worth its time. Is it too immature to want a life that breaks the shackles of the ‘accepted’ and demands its own brand of peace?  My life demands this smile- a grin that is its very own and not a stark reminder of a compromise or the rusty remnants of a life that could have been. I might be dazed in the mirth of a pointless, doomed journey- but my mind, my mind wanders and soon, it shall find what it seeks. And then, it shall smile.