Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Of Pests and Other inconsequential things…

This post was happening for a lot of reasons. There are hypothetical pests, real pests (the stinging kind) and a garbage dump of inconsequential things that are demanding my attention via their repulsive, olfactory enticements. I seem to be a fireman dealing with cigarette burns on the street while the whole Buckingham Palace is burning to the ground before me. 

Drank some real strong coffee…the Bru ‘Kilimanjaro’ flavor has my vote. I also load my miniscule cup with upto 4 massive teaspoons of sugar- Blood Sugar runs in my family so it’s just me, putting the sleeping mat out for the dog. But, I digress…  

Three of my most favorite people are being bugged by these ‘people-sized’ bugs. One of them quit his company a while back and is hounded by a couple of Einsteins from his old company who seem to be marking him for treatment via their FB tags and posts (even after 2 years since my person moved out) - Common, who in the 21st Century can be that lame? Get a life people. Hounding someone on FB, who ain’t a girl, while you yourself are a dude, sounds immensely gay to moi (I ain’t against gays and I don’t encourage misbehavior with a lady- but my choice of words fail me when a new class of bottom-feeding slug shows itself. Yuck! ain’t cutting it enough…)  

The second buddy of mine had to quit his job recently because his supposed friends took too much of a liberty in the man’s personal life. ‘What is a friend?’…this would probably be the toughest question to answer for these bugs. Friends don’t forsake a ‘friend’; they don’t throw him to the tigresses and sit in their high chairs to judge. When I forge a friendship I ‘am bound to this person through an invisible bond of trust and loyalty- those who don’t ‘get’ it are likely to be on the receiving end someday and be totally clueless as to what went wrong. 

The final person is in the midst of a cold-war with her colleagues. These people hold a grudge on her and their flimsy excuses are sufficient reasons for them to follow the kiddy routine of ‘never talking again till I die’. My person has earned her place through her work ethics, her sincerity and her poise. Those who find it hard to emulate- hate. That is the most basic of our primal responses. Nature designed it for the animals to help them distinguish themselves- to form new orders and better adaptability. However, in us humans…it’s just a sour waste our intellect and our skills to communicate. Lord, I hope my person gets a better outlet for her creativity soon and gets a move on from that zoo. 

Sorry, my tone in this post has been a bit harsh- a bit too emotional maybe, but I too have been plagued by the pests and when I heard the accounts of more of them, reflex happened. Why the pests of this world are so intent on being their sorry selves, I know not. Mutation happens guys- give it a fair chance. :)  
Regarding the ‘actual’ pests I spoke of- our squeaky clean accommodation had developed the bed-bug problem. I am shifting base soon and we got the place fumigated…but Ouch!! Let those ‘people sized’ bugs blessed enough to read this be appalled with what they are compared with. 

As for the ‘garbage dump of inconsequential things’…I live to fight another day. Today, I walk cautious, nose closed- with enough gas in my tank to last the distance.

A standard bug swatter is worth 150 bucks- wish they had one for pesty people too. 

Food for thought…