Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Sunday School...

A very brooding, individuality driven weekend came to an abrupt end. What happened? Monday happened. :)

The hustle and bustle of Bangalore was a bit too much to take (rather, was sick and tired of the same one-dimensional food) and headed home. Mangalore felt like a burning charcoal pit and moi the fragile Cinderella- it was wrong at so many levels. Met up with my pack- Deeks, Sandy, the guys from Evol, and my drinking buddies for the week- Subbu and Yajnesh. Rivers of beer was drunk, a countless tales of wisdom were shared, yet the abominable question remained. Like a wasp’s nest on the ceiling, it attracts all the attention but denies anything but the most extreme answers.

What is a complication? Is it a situation, a condition…or merely our way of perceiving it? What is control, belief, self-esteem? Show items that are hidden the moment some pesty kid enters our house?

The highlight of my week, month, nah! Lifetime happened at 20:56pm, Saturday…a gentle chime and the Tsunami was ushered. I shall never forget to be thankful for small mercies.

Watched WWE’s pay-per-view event on Sunday; signs that I ‘am growing up- I yawned through the whole thing. Sunday was also monumental with regards to something that would have seemed blasphemous a mere month ago- I talked about my Love Life with my Ma. Sweet Ma was a picture of patience and as animated as Daffy duck and as ingenious as Einstein as she told me things that help me understand…and thus, the torrent of brooding has trickled down to a small stream.

Often times its best to box up our individual ‘complications’, willing to deal with them when we are more prepared to face its ugly wrath, to see its disgusting face and its cold, unfeeling fingers dragging across our lives. We escape to emerge at a happier time- good plan indeed.

But what happens when the dragon is too big to be boxed and we are but puny and inconsequential against its monstrosity. We band together…we cope and survive, together. In the end, our tale might be extinguished but the valor and memory of our stand will be our ultimate salvation. And like my Ma told me this Sunday, ‘Learn to separate what you desire from what is essential- desires change, desires shatter; what is essential shall be so for ages to come’.

And thankfully, I do know what is essential to me- a life, a dream and micchi bhajji.