Thursday, May 24, 2012

Me Blog...How I've missed thee.

Paradise revisited. Good to be here after a long hiatus...

I have been writing a lot these past few months. Oceans of changes have occurred in my small, inconsequential life (not so inconsequential now though) and in between all this I have ignored you, my blog. I have written stupid reports, fixed emails that were more moronic and pointless than if written by a four year old kid and generally run with the notion that I am a corporate man- that’s dressing a rat in a chef’s uniform. (Ratatouille is it??) :)

So I signal my return to ‘actual’ writing. And I intend to do tons of writing this year- I also am a student (Minus the maths- I’ am actually enjoying it), an emergent philosopher (Wasn’t I always?) and ‘a man running after things-material and emotional’. I ‘am also a Bangalorean now- how’s that like? It’s all about Set-Dosas, BMTC buses, bland food, fiendish rickshaw drivers, PG owners who would make sewer rats proud, awesomeness and the depths of hell. Life if lived must be lived here, and now.
The challenges of everyday existence are limited thanks to a great job and an understanding support structure. However, I have seen the flights of newer birds- been fascinated and scared by them. The boundaries of your tolerance and resilience are mere concepts until tested- this locking horns with fate thingy is fast becoming my signature move at the circus. I have always been told as to what a lucky man I’ am- I think I am finally beginning to see it myself.

“I look at the sun, all bright and here to stay…In his tenacity, I see the promise of a new day”

Cheers. We meet again…soon.