Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Goat & the Mountain

Once, a young, stubborn goat decided to climb the tallest mountain that it could see. Its brothers begged it to reconsider, to stay with them and enjoy the greenery of spring. Our young goat however would not stay and bounded off towards the tallest peak in the horizon. Days later, when he stood ahead of the wise, old mountain- he let loose a challenge and stomped his hoofs to climb the tall peak. It was then that the mountain opened its aged eyes, looked kindly at the young brat standing ahead of him and asked, “What brings you here my lad?” To this the goat replied “I am here to climb you and prove how strong I am”. The wise mountain smiled, a crinkle on his steep face as he said with the utmost kindness “But my child, you have already proved your strength. You stand ahead of me with intent and nothing is more courageous and lasting than the intent to do something. Win or lose the situation, with intent you have already won over yourself”.