Thursday, April 14, 2011

Words shall tell all...

I love couplets. The simplicity, the word-play, the intricate yet fluffy patterns- marvelous. Just this morning I pitched this one...

"Sprigs of dreams, like ropes entwine
Awake I must, its half past nine
It hurts like hell, yet pretend alls well
Hope through the day, it turns out fine..."

Now that’s depressing- great start to a possible 'high' end, yet such words are gloomy, dark and a reflection of a phase rather than the whole experience. I shall try something lively...

"Sprigs of dreams, like vines entwine
A lovely feeling, alas! Its half past nine
Hope it goes well, sure as day-a story to tell
Even if it shatters- I still shall be fine..."

That's much better. 'Hope' is so much about our attitude rather than the conditions of our existence. There is peace in squalor- as long as the heart rejoices. True, for poetic effect, Tragedy > Hope. But who cares about Maths and the dynamics of rhyming- rejoice, love, honor and sing songs that your heart can hum to. Sing with a smile, even when it’s dark, bitterly cold and the warmth of a bright morning- a million miles away.

Peace Out.