Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confused Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived '?'...

Sleep is over-rated...that was me 18 Hrs ago, now all I ever want out of life is 10 Hrs. straight of blissful crash-out. That and another go at the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. Imagination is a very definite thing- and via LOTR, JRR Tolkien and Peter Jackson have walked the fine line that separates total magic from unsure me try the same with this blog entry :).

Yesterday night was horrible. I couldn't sleep because I developed a flash toothache that wouldn't budge even when doused with all the home remedies that were ever concocted for such a eventuality. Clove, salt mixed with warm water, garlic, onions, a neutral black sludge that my Pa wanted me to try- you name it and quite possibly that has seen the inside of my mouth yesterday night. The torture started at about 12:30am as I felt a searing, constant pain that seemed to radiate outwards to my left ear as well. I couldn't lay still in my bed for more than a couple of minutes before the fiery pain took hold again. Did a lot of pacing around, brooding about the tucked away aspects of my life, ventured out to be greeted by the chilly night air and observed my family comfortably asleep. Night is a crazy time to explore the dynamics of try understanding this complex maze when escape is just a crash away. But liberally gifted with the bounty of time- formerly escapable scenarios pop-in to be put into a more permanent rest. I rearranged my cabinet, brutally trashed away inconsequential bits of memory and smiled over newer, emergent possibilities. I found a chart of animal stickers- and like a kid, stuck them all around my habitat.

When all else seemed done- I popped in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy on my computer and spent the next four hours deeply engrossed in it. JRR Tolkien's magical 'middle earth' took me in its mesmerizing grip and I, flowed with the flawless narration. I wonder about the separation that exists between this great author and my own self- words, time, resolve- and I imagine a future when my own words could hope to inspire.

Thankfully, at around 6:30am, I do doze off in my not-so-comfy chair only to be rudely chimed awake at eight. The numb pain is still there, worse- I carry a severe sleep debt. However, images from LOTR are fresh in my head and I am convinced that Gandalf the White was in major ways, the true inspiration behind Albus Dumbledore.

Did I tell you about the sleep debt? :)

PS- I am strictly against over-the-counter painkillers. Never popped one in the last three years- broke that rule today however. Henceforth, four things I shall consider essential to survival or passing from one dying generation to another- A complete collection of Sherlock Holmes Novels, the recipe for Keema Do Pyaza styled Pizza, all footage of the super awesome Tom Hanks and a pack of pain killers (specifically for them dental issues, eh).

Chao. (another 4hrs before the much awaited nappy time arrives)