Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The "Before" and "After" paradox :)

Not long ago, about two years back or so, one particularly hot summer night, I had the thankless job of talking some confidence and jest into the empty heart of a dear dear friend. The friend in question anticipated a terrible loss in the coming days and decided to share her grievance- her darkest fears with me. I, a silent observer, listened with the control of someone quite used to life's little plains and valleys (albeit I'm not) and like a Arabian water fountain I shot my little speeches and carefully timed utterances to great effect. It worked that night- after a 3hr chat- and amongst a sleeping world at about 4am, she finally uttered a "Thanks Prady" "I hope I did not bug ya""I hope you don't sleep through work tomorrow" (the classic LOL follows, of course) and signed off. I, heavy from the ordeal, took an hour more to switch off that little voice in my head and fall asleep. Like it was predicted, I did doze off at the office the next day.

I spoke to that very friend today- a much calmer, sweeter version of her former self. Great things have happened in her life- the former sludge has been cleaned and the beautiful scents of 'possibility' rise in her tiny voice. A new job, a new life project, a new legion of BFFs...the lass has earned all these through a period of concentrated dedication and untwitching focus. A minute talking to her and I am elevated- my spirits soar at the possibilities that a determined individual can accomplish- someone who was forsaken, only to lift herself up and question all the silly permutations and combinations. She rides today the cloud of her making- the world can just look skywards and watch her fly.

How the roles have reversed. Its not I who lectures her now about positive choices- she tells me that I need to lose weight, that I need to live more and 'word' everything less (Irony- she ain't gonna be happy reading this), to find my own silver lining and ride it until the skies last. I am inspired and happy...I am always a sucker for human miracles. :)

That gal who cried that night has been replaced by a positive role model. I would like to assume that my words had something to do with it- or maybe not- I hope, two years from now, she gets an opportunity to blog about my own reversal.

Or she answers a very weepy phone call at 1am on a hot Tuesday night...

Peace Out. :)