Friday, December 24, 2010

And thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Ever since I have been acclimatised with the words democracy, voting and government, I have had this suspicion- nay, an absolute revelation. The system has been faulted and 'they' (the scums who run it) are parading its inactivity and uselessness right before our eyes. Its like they are taunting us to rise beyond our individuality driven existence and 'do something about it'. But here's the catch- an individual can't 'do something about it', you must be a mass of enlightened citizens, free from menial mindsets and the trials of a middle class existence to jointly combat the plague that this system has turned out to be. Possibility of that happening....One in several billion. Thus, to attempt a social reform as an individual is to submit ourselves to the harshest realities of the herd mentality. The team ain't for are for the team. Sadly, the only ones following this oath to the hilt are the scums at the top. Talk of poetic justice...or vicious circles...or simple irony. The scums only play as a team- and this is their Olympics.

Thus, education has finally hit home and this writer's eyes are open to the muck and the wordplay. He warns too that if any moron worth his years ever implores him with such articulately constructed sentences as "Hate thy rulers? Vote well next time my man, and bring the change", there shall be murder. For an individual vote, a singular opinion is just a speck on the vast ocean of numbness- until each one of us decides for the change- it ain't coming.

Why this commentary? Well, just read an article about the soaring onion prices and how the government is to be blamed for it. The article does end with..."and we are been punished for our voting choices", special emphasis on the 'we'.

Food for thought...