Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Towards dreams that last...

It’s simplistic to assume things, very unrealistic to act upon each of them. Distances seem closer when we have the world behind us. And with the world behind us, we grow complacent. With complacency comes defeat…and eons to be spent in self introspection.

Dream big, everyone tells you that. The boundaries of reality don’t apply to you, what the 'others' can't, you can. These sentimental, yet highly repeated affirmations are humanity's miniscule incentives to the also rans. Like animals in an organized farm, we lick the salt being thrown at us and assume our world to be perfect. The very idea of society is organization, the architecture of placing one mortal above the next. Of running calculated races that mean to define one and erase another. Though we are told that equality is a sure underlying stream, its existence is a moot question. The machinery of civilization needs its kings as well as its slaves- and a valid mechanism to appoint them in their respective places. We imagine ourselves to be great thinkers, misunderstood visionaries, talent on the cusp of discovery, a seed- trying its best to break free from the support that is the cool, moist earth and spread its own accomplishments up high. But are we ‘deemed’, capable? Are we being told a scripted lie to keep us in line? Is motivation, a smoke screen that hides the more sinister face of society? In simple 21st century Americana, are we kidding ourselves??

No...I shall not be an also ran. I shall not listen to false, limiting praise and forget my true goals. I shall not be the fallen in the adage of "a thousand tried, one made it". I am going to know what I am, from whence I came and where I must go. I plan to light up the sky for ages, not burn off in a brief moment of unimaginable brightness. I crave immortality and with every sigh I take over a short lived sense of accomplishment, I push away the greater picture, the chance to live forever.

Praise is the food of the soul…but too much of anything is poison!!