Friday, October 15, 2010

The Slug and Me.... this bit of inspiration may last longer than my last bout. Hoping so...:) Kudos to a really interesting micro-blog that I read yesterday, made me jump back into the wagon.

This morning, the commute rush and all, I saw a very innocent yet strangely inspiring sight. On my way to the bus stop, my eyes firmly on the tarmac- a strategy to balance my bulk and maintain some aerodynamic capacity, I witnessed a slug (a really slow specimen at that- maybe wise for his age) trying to cross the road. I stopped, seconds before possibly smacking the poor sucker with my 'determined' steps, and waited to see a couple of centimeters of its doomed travel. The road in question is busy, unsafe for two legged pedestrians let alone a slimy thingy with hundreds of legs or whatever it is that they have. It crawled with an ease of a fresh IIM grad. with an absolute disregard for what lay ahead (unlike a IIM grad who am told are very future conscious). On and on it went, in a straight line (almost every human trying to cross a road does it diagonally) and with a trail of the goo behind it. Seconds later...splat!! the dude in the mobike had no idea that he had just annihilated the hero of my thoughts. The beacon for all mankind had died a messy death while trying to push the envelope a bit and cross that freaking road. Two strides for a man...flirtation with doom for the little things.

Ya...why can't I be like that slug? (minus the goo of course) Why can't I raise the envelope when the stakes are high and the final reward a mystery? Why does fate, fear and the unknown form such a quicksand in my psyche from which escape is near impossible? Maybe the slug's enlightened soul shall haunt my dreams tonight. The cries of "Avenge me" shall surely be ignored- busy work day tomorrow :).

Food for thought.