Sunday, October 17, 2010

Anonymous as the Yeti...

Anonymous. In this present day of information highways, mobiles, palmtops and other such applications, is being anonymous even a possibility? We are always locked to the information age, an essential part of the grid from which our absence signifies rebellion or that we are being plain 'stupid'. My ma had this crazy moment recently when she forgot her email ID, and was made to feel like she rode some time machine that morning and blasted here from the middle ages. Why are we such suckers for the art of being connected, or being in a crazy information exchange routine, 24×7×365..night or day? Has silence lost its worth...or are we some curious, insensitive voyeurs who need ready personal information at all times? Is it Ironic that I am crapping all this over a blog-site? :) Sometimes I wish we all adopted the ways of the Yeti (for the dummies, and get a taste of being truly anonymous. To be left to ourselves, without the "what you doin?" hitting us like a million times everyday. "I am doing my thing human, will tell you all about it if I feel like." (that would obviously never happen over the phone...cause the next sms would read ":(" and I am against emoticon abuse as well).

Anywhoo...a week back, if I had seen a Yeti, I would have screamed my heart out, maybe hit him with a little brick or something. But now...I would go upto this misunderstood 'primate' and shake his 'paws' in understanding. For I, the former 200 sms a day/ "what you doin?" "what's for lunch?" routiner, have lived like a Yeti these past 7 days. Ever since that fateful day that I lost my much abused cell-phone and rediscovered the concepts of human dishonesty and cellular silence, I have been a Yeti lost amongst the masses. Off grid, a jungle opened upto me (Yeti's preferred hideout is said to be the snowy nothingness of the upper-Himalaya...but where am I gonna find that kinda ice and snow in Mangalore?) and I happily lost myself in it. The pangs of withdrawal lasted for a day or two..blurred soon by that hazy feeling called "??" ( they ain't got a name for it, just some creative happy noises). I don't receive pointless forwards, nor the proverbial "where are ya?" from equally disinterested people anymore. It seems like the umbilical cord that tied me to the realms of society have been severed. Am free as the day I was born. People, I know, are worried that I have borrowed my ma's above mentioned time traveler and blasted into the past, to a time when a juicy apple fell on Newton's head, shortly followed by a massive hammer (my fav. fantasy during my school years) to forever shove the concept of Physics. Like a Yeti, I am unknown, untraceable and left to my own devices. Like a Yeti, I am a commodity, to be talked about-speculated until the final product appears before your eyes. Like a Yeti, I fear being found...for in anonymity lies great inspiration. Allow me a buffer of information...when we meet, it shall be conversational magic.

Ah...Soon, I shall crave human connectivity again, the saccharine sweetness of digital words, and off I shall go to buy myself a new Nokia. Until then, I lay low with a all knowing laugh....snug, in what is that I hear.......Calm!! :)

Food for thought.