Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Confessions of the Tested....

Hello....my cherished audience,

This will be my first attempt at blogging.....must add that I have been thinking about this for quite a while. The following is a reflection (incomplete....the remaining parts 'might be' posted at a later time) and shall be treated as one.

Confessions Of the Tested
There I was......
Sunk, without a hope
at the tortured end of my brittle rope,
Drowning away in the sea of my tears
not a soul to pull me through, no friends-no dears,
The gift of life is not a joy anymore
a quick demise I crave- the agony I adore,
But, like a zombie I stick around instead
the body all alive, the soul long dead,
A happy face I have pulled ON for the world to see
but deep in my darkness, this charade is killing me,
But I figure, a thought I presume to be sane
(No hidden nuggets, nothing for me to gain!),
Why hurt the happy ones, why make them sorry?
isn't it my mistake, the cross for me to carry?,
In this inadequate world, it seems- I'am a seeker
I grudge all you lucky ones, curse my maker,
Lord of this unstoppable creation, I wish you would know
my journey is all over.........and........
There is NO place left to go!!

This work was once a reflection of how I felt....every word of this effort was mirrored in reality. Things are different today....and thus, the feeling is one of nostalgia.....a unique feeling nurtured in the remotest dunes of my psyche.